Solid State

Pascall specializes in solid state components for Radars, EW Receivers, Navigation & Locations equipment as well as communications systems.

Among their solid state components is the following:

  • Microwave amplifiers
  • Log / video amplifiers
  • Frequency discriminators
  • RF amplifiers
  • Linear detectors

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CSI is a US manufacturer of solid state components.

Their product range includes the following: 

  • Synchro / Resolver Test Instruments
  • Synchro / Resolver VMEbus Products
  • Synchro / Resolver to Digital Converters
  • Digital to Synchro / Resolver Converters
  • SSCT and SSCDX Converters
  • Synchro Amplifiers
  • Power Oscillators
  • Binary Angle to BCD Converters
  • BCD to Binary Angle Converters
  • LVDT / RVDT to Digital Converters
  • InductosynT to Digital Converters

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