Welcome to FA Consulting A/S


FA Consulting is close to the market and represents the most efficient link from manufacturer to customers in Denmark.FA. Consulting, which was established in 1993, is the competent and professional interface between leading suppliers of high technology products/systems and the Defence Materiel Commands, Civil Aviation Agencies, Communication Industries, Telecom and Microwave Industries within the field of:

  • Microwave components – systems
  • Components for radars
  • Communication systems
  • EW systems – ESM/ECM

FA Consulting is a technical organization with activities within following segments:

  • Component sales
  • System implementation
  • Upgrade and modification programs

The total market in Denmark for Radar systems, Communication systems, Electronic Warfare systems including modifications, upgrades and spareparts amounts to approximately USD 200 mil.

FA Consulting will secure you a efficient interface to the Danish market. As your partner in Denmark we can offer you the following:

  • Detailed knowledge to the Danish market
  • Close personal contacts with decision-makers in Denmark
  • Active promotion of your productline
  • Feed back on customers future requirements and strategy
  • Information on competitors and their activities
  • Information on market trends in general
  • Information on market trends by product segments
  • Information on market conditions (economics and politics)

In addition, we also facilitate all the paperwork – our experienced staff know which forms and approvals are necessary, and our status as US State Broker enables us to assist our clients with all the necessary documents related to export approval of military equipment.

With more than 20 years of experience we know our customers and suppliers well – and take pride in working with them.

FA Consulting is the professional link between leading international manufacturers and Danish customers.