AUXITROL (formerly MUIRHEAD AREOSPACE) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality engines. AUXITROL produces and designs the following engines:

”Electro Mechanical Actuators”
• ”Engine Control Sub Assemblies”
• ”DC Motors”
• ”High Torgue DC Motors”
• ”Brushed & Brushless DC Motors”
• ”Servomotor Tachometer Generators”
• ”Limited Angle Motors”
• ”Stepping Motors”
• ”Optical Encoders”
• ”Synchros & Resolvers”
• ”Gearheads”

AUXITROL products are, among others, used in the following applications:

”Missile Fin Actuation”
• ”In flight Refuelling Probe Extender Drivers”
• “seeker Head Gimbals”
• “safety Arming Devices”
• “Stable Platforms”
• “Turret Drives”
• “Periscope Azimuth & Elevation”
• Optical Focusing”
• “Radar System Drives”
• “Engine Fuel Metering Valve Control”
• “Flight Controls”
• “Guide Vane Actuation”
• “Collective Pitch Control Position Transmission (Helicopter)”
• “Fuel Flow Regulation. Throttle Lever Position Transmission”

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